The Best Dental and Oral Hygiene Products to Use During Cancer Treatment

For many cancer patients, treatments such as chemotherapy can cause a sore mouth (it’s the gift that keeps giving, after all) which can be further irritated by our choice of oral hygiene products. But what exactly should we be using and what should we be steeringclear of?

Well help is at hand. Superstar dentist and friend of The-C-List Dr Amarinder Sehda has personally combed through a host of dental products in order to seek out the BEST and SAFEST products for cancer patients with sore mouths.

Here are his top recommendations...

Oral Products for Cancer Patients

An important note:
Please avoid any products (mouthwash or toothpaste) with alcohol or SLS [sodium lauryl sulfate] as these can irritate the mouth and dry it out further. ALWAYS CHECK THE INGREDIENTS

Basic Oral Hygiene if you have a delicate mouth

¨ Mouthwash

  Corsodyl 0.2% (GSK) daily mouthwash alcohol free

¨ Toothpaste

  Sensodyne original toothpaste (no alcohol& SLS free)

¨ Toothbrush

  Colgate SOFT toothbrush with sore gums

¨ Cleaning between your teeth

  Tepe brushes

Bleeding Gums

¨ Mouthwash

  Corsodyl 0.2% (GSK) daily mouthwash alcohol free & SLS free

¨ Toothbrush

  Corsodyl (GSK) daily soft tooth brush (good for cancer patients who have sore gums)

Dry Mouth

¨ Sweets

 *any sugar free sucking sweets*

¨ Sugar free chewing gum


¨ Saliva Substitute/ Mouth Lubricant

  Orthana mouth spray *prescription only*

  Boots Expert Dry Mouth Spray

  Biotene moisturising gel

  Oralieve moisturising mouth gel

  Oralieve moisturising mouth spray

¨ Topical

  Oralieve Nourishing Lip care 

¨ Mouthwash

  Biotene moisturising mouthwash 

  Oralieve alcohol-free mouthwash

¨ Toothpaste

  Biotene fluoride toothpaste (fresh mint)

  Oralieve Ultra Mild toothpaste

***Oralieve Dry Mouth Relief Starter Kit is excellent at £25****