It's more than a beauty shop...there's tips, tricks, advice and inspirational stories to help get you through your journey

The-C-List is the passion project of Helen Addis who is a cancer survivor, a beauty jiver (is that a thing?), a TV producer and most importantly a mum.

When diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in 2018 Helen ( @TheTittyGritty) was told to only use super mild and less fragranced beauty products during and after treatment. From mascara to suncream, moisturiser to shampoo, Helen had to rethink her entire bathroom cabinet. The shopping experience was far from easy. If you’re Vegan (1 in 100 Brits are) you head to the Vegan section. If you’re after gluten-free (1 in 10) it’s easily signposted or labelled. But if you’ve got cancer and need gentle products then retailers really don’t cater for you...which doesn’t make sense when 1 in 2 British people get the disease. That’s 1000 people every single day who potentially need to rethink their products. Why should we be left feeling so alone?

Being dealt a life threatening illness, losing her breast and her hair, Helen wanted desperately to feel and look the same. The whole shopping experience she found overwhelming and upsetting.

So Helen discussed this on an Instagram with her good friend and leading beauty industry expert Lisa Potter-Dixon (@LisaPotterDixon) It had an overwhelming response from fellow cancer patients who felt the same. From this, The-C-List was created by the two friends.  It’s the ultimate guide to beauty products you can use when you’re going through treatment for cancer and beyond. Recommended by trusted brands and cancer patients The-C-List is your one-stop beauty shop covering everything from the essentials like deodorant to the feel good fake tan we’ve got it covered. 

And we don't just stop at the list though guys. No siree. The-C-List is passionate about showing you how to actually use these products and how to get the most out of your skin.  Plus we're equally passionate about supporting you through your cancer treatment and all the craziness it brings to your life. There will also be other cancer thriver journeys and expert blogs giving you support through treatment from menopause advice to dental tips and everything in between.
Hope you enjoy x

Giving back

By shopping with us you'll be supporting other cancer patients. Each month we will use profits to treat one of the randomly selected C-List community members (aka YOU!) to something special. It might be a beauty gift or a fancy afternoon tea. So watch this space to see what we pull out of The-C-List goody bag. Oh and spread the word x

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