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How To Get Your 'Oomph' Back After a Cancer Diagnosis

Carolyn is a Cancer Exercise Specialist who after her own cancer diagnosis has written a fab book on exercises you can do before, during and after a diagnosis. There's something for everyone! The book is called 'How To Get Your Oomph Back'.

Best Tips On Coping With Tamoxifen, Zoladex & Letrozole Side Effects

Helen chats to Breast Cancer Surgeon AND survivor Liz O'Riordan about the best ways to cope with the often awful side effects of Tamoxifen, Zoladex and Letrozole. Buy Liz's book here https://amzn.to/39PGRvt

Tips on how to live well after cancer

Dr Annice Mukherjee is a cancer survivor and endocrinologist and her passion is talking about how to live well after cancer. It's a fascinating talk about hormones, exercise and more

Living With Stage 4 Bowel Cancer

For Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, Helen caught up with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer thriver Nat. She's got an incredibly inspiring story...

New 'Manta' Hairbrush - Great for Chemo and Delicate Hair

Losing hair due to chemo can be heartbreaking. This new innovative hairbrush is gentle one the scalp and was designed to help prevent breakage. Search under brand MANTA to find the right brush for you!

Cold Cap Tips

Helen's tip on getting through wearing the cold cap during chemotherapy

Get Longer Looking Lashes!

Helen puts Beauty Pie's Uber Volume Lash Primer to the test

How To Tie A Headscarf

After losing a lot of her hair during chemotherapy, Helen wore lots of headscarfs to cover the bald patches. Here's how she tied them.

How to tell your kids you have cancer

Helen talks about her experience of telling her kids that she had cancer.

Helen: My Story

Helen, co-founder of the C-List shares her story, after being diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in 2018.

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