After Sarah Harding sadly lost her life to Secondary Breast Cancer we discuss the importance of being breast aware on ITV Lorraine

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Sarah harding makes nearly all of the front pages this morning after her death yesterday at the age of just 39. sharing the news her mother called her a bright shining star well the girls allowed singer had revealed in august last year she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer her bandmate nadine coyle said i'm absolutely devastated i can't think of words that could possibly express how i feel about this girl and what she meansTo me and fellow band member nicola roberts called sarah an electric girl you made us you gave it everything and still with a smile well joining me now is gogglebox star sandy bogano sandy became friends with sarah after they may and really go on incredibly well when they both appeared on celebrity big brother sandy thank you for joining us this morning now we knew we knew this was going to happen but it's still a terrible terrible shock toEveryone but particularly people who who knew her so well and who loved her yeah um as i said it's devastating news um to hear what's happened to she was uh to sarah she was an amazing beautiful talented kind-hearted i mean we shared so many times together we cried on each other's shoulder um we shared so so much intimate momentsThat you see a lot of people they don't realize how how kind-hearted she really was you know yeah it's devastating news devastating it was really sad and you both bonded so much when you were in celebrity big brother also afterwards as well and i know that you sat and and talked to her for a long long time um about her about her cancer diagnosis and you know she really opened up to you and although she sometimes she reallyDidn't she she appeared really fragile but actually she was i mean she was strong she yes she was she was yeah fragile but a strong strong woman strong woman and um we could share the same pain because it's going through my family as well my mother passed away with cancer you know and my sister has cancer and so we had a we had um a connection that we was able to talk about our situations you know with eachOther where especially being in the house is kind of like hard because everybody's all you know happy and hyped to be in there and stuff but you know behind behind that that that face you know that you don't realize how painful people what's going on behind the seat behind um the house and that you know no i understand i mean for you how are you going toRemember oh my god as my dancing partner first one on the floor and last one off the floor last one standing we used to say to each other who's going to be the last one standing she was amazing i loved her so so much people just don't realize how amazing she really really was i mean literally she was a fireball i was a fireball so we both connected that way we didn'tCare we live life to the fullest and that's what i loved about her she was real she said she what you saw is what you got and that's like who what i am what you see is what you get and she didn't change for nobody for that you know she was amazing beautiful talented and and she's going to be truly truly missed and um and at the same time it's just educating people that you know you need to go and get checkedYou know you really need to go and get checked it's okay to the doctors go to the clinic or whatever go and get checked um because you know awareness is about bringing awareness at the same time you know we've lost somebody who's beautiful who's special but at the same time it's bringing awareness to people that please don't get checked no absolutely she said that herself yeah that will that will be her legacyAs well and you know as well as the fact that you were saying about what a lovely girl she was and that's the thing you know and it's interesting you you say that and you know it really is sandy because also joining me is helen addis who's one of our team who i'm sure you know was diagnosed herself with breast cancer at the age of 39 and and helen um for you this you know obviously when anything like this happens it must just bring it all back it really does itReally doesn't when i've read the reports that you know she found she found her lump in uh you know several months yeah before she actually managed to make it to see the doctor and when i had my diagnosis i had one lump and my gp referred me on to see the breast consultant and in the two weeks that that took another four lumps had grown and one of those was in my lymph nodes so it just goes to show like cancerIt's a i want to say a swear word but i can't um but it's it's on a you know it can be on a mission and you've it's just so important to and she was really she was really so strong about that about the fact that you have to you know don't be like don't leave it the way that you live and also the time because of covert and everything else we're all guilty of it we're all guilty of not putting our health first andThat's why we did the change in check campaign and actually it's not trying to scare monger we don't want people to find cancer but what we want people to do is know what their normal is yeah so want them once a month check yourself know what your normal is so if something unusual pops up you know to get it checked when my lump appeared i knew it wasn't there the week before so i knew to get it checked you know pretty imminentlyUm but we've got to remember as well that sarah died of secondary uh you know it's advanced breast cancer and 31 women in the uk die from that every single day it's one every 45 minutes it's absolutely heartbreaking and not enough money can be put into um research for secondary cat breast cancer she was very strong when she wrote the book and also when you know when she was talking about it i know sheWas a very private girl as well and you know and everybody handles it in their own way of course they do there's no right or wrong way to do that but i'm sure in our mother would agree that the legacy would be for everybody today just check yourself absolutely and don't be don't be scared and don't put it off absolutely it's just so important and it was amazing she's given the funds from her book and the single um to go to that research as well but fundamentally weNeed to we need to be more body aware and actually with interesting with change in check campaign um we've had 51 women now contact us to say that they found their cancer as a result of seeing our campaign all bar one of them maggie she's in her 70s but the rest of the women are all under the screening age so that just goes to show that the onlyPeople that were going to detect their cancer is themselves by being body aware seeing sticker checking themselves and yeah you know and they they're they're getting the right treatment so yourself a chance yeah absolutely absolutely way too young i was the same age i was 39 you know and it's gives me goose bumps it does it really does it really does well if everybodyEverybody just checks themselves and then obviously get help yeah and hopefully because we know how difficult it is right now to get an appointment yes stick at it don't absolutely stick at it yeah you've got to you're really good too thank you helen thank you so much and also thank you sandy for talking to us and sharing your memories of our lovely girl and spoke to myself many times and she she was a delight she's just a delightThat's it there's lots more information on our website and that's we can download our change and check stickers there's also a guide from dr hillary on how to self-examine which is a just how to do it the right way don't forget you can watch full episodes of lorraine on the itv hub and all the best clips compilations and playlists right here on our channel just subscribe now and you'll never miss an upload click here to watch another video similar to thisOne or click here to head to our channel's homepage to explore all of our exciting videos

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