Suzie Smith was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 32 after initially putting her symptoms down to a food allergy or intolerance.

Where the stereotypical bowel cancer patient might be someone well over 50, it's important to remember that anyone of any age can be affected. Sadly, Suzie Smith knows this all too well having been diagnosed with bowel cancer at just 32 years old.

Suzie reveals that she had been living with symptoms for so long she almost 'forgot what normal was'. When she did see her GP, she thought the worst outcome would be a gluten intolerance...only for the specialist to find a tumour.

Despite being in the midst of treatment at the time of recording, Suzie is full of zest even as she talks the hard hitting truths about bowel cancer.  She also reminds us that our bodies are incredible and deserve to be listened to. So if you are ever in doubt about an unusual symptom...please, get it checked out!

Golden: Suzie on the day of her sixth cycle of chemotherapy.

Thank you for sharing your story with us and so beautifully, Suzie.

For more bowel cancer related support or to find out more about the symptoms, visit Bowel Cancer UK.

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