The Fear of Your Breast Cancer Returning (And What Can We Be Doing To Prevent It)

It’s my biggest fear. My breast cancer returning. Every ache, every rash sends me into a spin and I’ve had more ‘additional testing’ because of my paranoia. Yep I’ve had colonoscopies, brain scans, hip scans because I’ve been convinced it’s come back with a vengeance. Yet this paranoia is more founded than unfounded.

An article published this week in The Times talks about how breast cancer, unlike many other cancers, can lay dormant for 10 or even 20 years before jumping back into life. When these recurrences happen they tend to be metastatic and account for 80% of the annual UK deaths from the disease. So no wonder reoccurrence is my biggest fear along with thousands of other women.

What I would do to change this statistic.

Ultimately we need more research into why this is the case. It’s our only hope of seeing survival rates increase. Why does it lay undetected and dormant and what triggers it back into action?

Read the full article here and find out which strain of the disease is most likely to reoccur

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